Group Walks

Walking each day can yield a wide variety of positive psychological benefits.   Specifically, the number of steps correlates to better health, increased energy, improved circulation, overall mood, happiness and self-esteem, and desire for a nutritious diet. On a very basic level, physical fitness can boost self-esteem and improve positive self- image.

This program is designed for the socially inspired individuals who prefer to exercise with others, and enjoy meeting new people. Group walks will be done in various outdoor settings such as parks, beaches, flat trails, and neighborhoods. Walks are usually 45 minutes in length, and will be scheduled once a week.  Call for current group walk times and locations.

Cooking Classes

Learn how to prepare healthy and delicious meals for yourself, and your family. I specialize in easy to make recipes for the busy moms and corporate professionals that don’t have an abundance of time to spend in the kitchen. Learn about new vegetables and grains, as well as cooking techniques you can enjoy experimenting with at home.


Educational talks and workshops will be available at various locations around the county. Topics are designed to help individuals with many of the common struggles people face such as sugar cravings, stress or anxiety, and lack of sleep. Additionally, pantry makeover presentations are helpful for those wanting to learn more about health and nutrition.

Upcoming Events:

Summer Special

Get 6 months for the price of 4!  I am offering a summer special for all clients who sign up by July 4th! Take advantage my 6-Month Individual Thrive Program for the low price of my 4-month program ($450.00). That’s two free months! Contact me to schedule your free health consultation by July 4th.

Superfood Smoothie Workshop

Join us on Sunday, June 25th from 4-5:30 pm at Gatherings Thrift in Atascadero.  We will provide all the ingredients to make and customize your own yummie smoothie.  Learn just what each ingredient can do for you to boost energy and immunity, or combat inflammation, or toxicity, or you fill in the _____. Sample different ones first then have fun creating your own. $6 for supplies…no need to bring anything but your taste buds!  RSVP on Facebook or call (805) 464-4483.

Fall Group Coaching Program

Now taking signups for my new group coaching program beginning Thursday, August 10th through November 16th.  Get all the advantages of my Thrive coaching program, but at half the cost.  Enjoy the added benefit of working together in a group setting.  Groups range anywhere from 4-6 people with similar health goals. We will meet two times a month (every other week). Our focus this session will be kicking the sugar and junk food habit, and how to eat simply and deliciously.  Learn to integrate incremental lifestyle changes to propel you not just to survive, but to thrive.

Please call or email for more information.  (805) 296-5825 or

Fall Into a Smaller Size

Join us this fall for a group cleanse after Thanksgiving with the 10 Day Transformation from Purium Health Products.   No crash diets.  No crazy fasting.  Nourish your body with nutrient dense foods, while losing weight and eliminating toxins.

Cleanse and detoxify the right way!

This is a safe and very healthy way to:

  • Lose 5-20 lbs of fat
  • Eliminate food cravings
  • Detox from sugar and caffeine
  • Bring your body into an alkaline, disease-free state
  • Gently flush toxins
  • Reset your metabolism
  • Continue to build muscle while losing inches
  • Nourish your body with Greens and Superfoods

For just the price of the products, you will receive free coaching before during and after your cleanse. You will also receive additional support on my group fb page to help you and encourage you along the way. Ask me how to save $50 on your Purium 10-Day Transformation. For more info on the products visit:


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